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Tampah Application (Tabungan Sampah) is a very fast-growing application that has a wide range throughout the community.


Independence of the Community Economy.


Empowering waste becomes the power base of resources that can be managed by the community to achieve economic independence using sophisticated technology tools.

the service you will get

Tabungan sampah for customer

Tabungan sampah for garbage banks


You will get a fast waiter, because we always prioritize speed and accuracy in serving customers.


Our Waste Savings Program will continue to grow and be closely monitored by expert teams to always provide the best service.


Our system uses the latest innovations in terms of maintaining data confidentiality, therefore we are always given full support to the wider community.


With us you can join easily and without difficult conditions, who can join this program.

Real time technology

For security and convenience, we use a trusted technology system.

Every transaction can be done in real time and done anywhere

All you have to do is sit back and wait casually until the garbage pick-up is done, let our system manage everything.

Advanced Technology Innovations that Always Grow

With the "Data Screening System" we closely monitor customer data flow for security and development needs

We use grouping technology to regulate customer waste development

To make it easier to enter you can enter using QRcode

Infographic data

With infographic data, it can make us more comfortable in analyzing the movement of the community waste market

We will update all data in realtime in actual and reliable infographics

We will update all data in realtime in actual and reliable infographics

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Tampah Nasabah
Tampah Bank


In the Tampah app we have 3 categories, each category has different advantages and features

 Tampah Nasabah

  •   Get a garbage pick-up schedule
  •   Check prices in realtime
  •   Find a garbage bank with the closest GPS system
  •   Selling garbage in many garbage banks

 Tampah Bank

  •   Make a garbage pick-up schedule
  •   Update waste products tom costumers
  •   Set the selling price to the buyer
  •   Buy costumer trash with many transactions


  •   Monitoring fluctuations in regional waste development
  •   Update on the development of community waste needs
  •   Choose the desired item supply
  •   Real time junk data

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that are often asked along with the answers


We move with people who are professional and reliable


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


CTO (Chief Technology Officer)


Web Developer

Here we show the waste bank points and buyers.


With technological innovation that continues to grow rapidly and support from the community, we will continue to provide the best service and continue to grow to serve the wider community.

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