This Privacy Policy was created by PT. IMKAHFA SUKSES MANDIRI ("Company" or "") is used to protect and maintain the privacy of Users of the Application or the Site of provides this policy to users to notify users of information or data stored as long as the user visits the Site owned by PT. IMKAHFA SUKSES MANDIRI or applications from mobile phones, why collects information or data from users, and for what uses that information or data, in conditions such as what can open information or data, and how users can notify to limit the use of such information or data. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of If there is a difference between the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions relating to matters relating to privacy, then the provisions in this Privacy Policy apply. To use the Application or visit the site in order to use the Service, the user must be over 13 years old. If a user is under 13 years old, the user needs permission from a parent or guardian.

  1. Information or data collected on the website or application
    1. IP Address: When visiting a site or application, the IP address of the user's computer or device will be registered with the online system An IP address is a row of binary numbers from a computer that is used when visiting a site or using an application. The IP address is registered so that can track computers or devices used in the event of misuse or unlawful conduct in connection with visits to the site or use of the application. Furthermore, the IP address is used to localize the user's position.
    2. Types of devices used For example: computers, cellphones, or other devices, and the operating system used.
    3. Types of search sites (web browsers) used For example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.
    4. Personal Information In order to process the sale or purchase of junk users by using a site or application, requires users to provide some personal information to which identifies users personally and the location of delivery. accepts and stores all information that users enter in any part of the site or application. User information or data, namely:
      1. Waste Bank Registration Form: Information includes, but is not limited to: Waste Bank Name, Address, No.hp, Pickup Service
      2. Customer Registration Form: Information, including but not limited to: No. hp, Customer Name, Address, Account
      3. Waste Bank Information: Information includes, but is not limited to: Name of goods, price of goods, location of customers, transaction status, garbage purchase notifications and making pickup schedules.
      4. Customer Information: Information includes, but is not limited to: Name of item, price of goods, location of the waste bank, transaction status, garbage pickup schedule notification
      5. Other Customer Information: If the User communicates with via e-mail, or fills out an online form, survey, and any information provided can be considered Personal Information.

    This information as a whole is referred to as "Personal Information". Users can choose not to provide certain Personal Information to Under these conditions, Users can still access and view most sites or applications, however, users cannot access anything. In addition, Users may choose not to provide certain information, but Users may not be able to receive all the benefits of the features on the Site or Application.

  2. How uses User Personal Information
  3. uses the User's Personal Information for purposes based on the user's request, processes, verifies the user's qualifications for certain products and services, improves the service, provides a better transaction experience for selling garbage and according to the user's personal needs, communicates with the User , and inform special offers and promos to Users. From time to time, may use the User's Personal Information to view products that are different from the usual User messages for free to Users. However, if the User chooses to "log out" (exit) from this feature, please refer to Section 10 of this Privacy Policy. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, Users understand and agree that can provide User Personal Information to third parties as long as needed or needed to fulfill User needs or complete User transactions. may also provide User Personal Information as described in Sections 5 and 12 below. As an exception to those set out above, and in Sections 5 and 12 below, will not provide User Personal Information to third parties unless the User has given permission to to do so.

  4. Personal Information Deployment
  5. In addition to Section 2 above, distributes demographic information to's partners anonymously and based on the total amount. This type of data is not connected to any personally identifiable information. works with third parties to provide services to Users. disseminates information when other companies are involved in transactions so that the company can carry out its functions.

  6. Data Controller
  7. For information on where is a data controller, will control data on the parent data that the User enters in connection with creating a profile or registration, namely the User name, User password, and registration of the User's IP address. Furthermore, will be the data controller of information provided to other service providers. For information where the User is the data controller, the User will control the data on the content that the User chooses to provide on the Site and for the data provided on the User profile on Social Media, which is a result of the User profile being linked to the Site with User profiles on Social Media.

  8. Data Processing
  9. can exclusively use company services to maintain operational technical, security, confidentiality of personal data contained in the Site. This company is a data processor in connection with personal data where is the data controller. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, Users give approval to to allow the same data processor to process data where the User is the controller of the data. Data processors can act alone based on instructions from By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, the User gives User approval to to provide necessary instructions to the data processor to process data based on this Privacy Policy and for the purposes of using the Site. Data processors have made necessary technical and security measures for information that is accidentally or unlawfully damaged, lost or deteriorated in quality and information that is known to unauthorized people, misused or in other ways that are contrary to methods processing of personal data. At the request of the User - by paying attention to the wages of the data processor with a count of hourly rates - the data processor gives the User sufficient information to show that technical actions and security management have been made. In that case, will facilitate User requests to data processors.

  10. Security Measures
  11. will make every effort to ensure that the data recorded, including personal information, account data, passwords and other confidential information, will not be opened, transferred, given to or used unlawfully by unauthorized parties . In this regard, will periodically check its system to prevent attacks and vulnerability to these matters. However, because the internet is a space that is not 100% safe, cannot at any time ensure or guarantee the security of information sent to Information sent through the Site is not encrypted, and therefore advises Users to carefully convey confidential information through the internet network. However, can provide audit records for all activities carried out on the Site if this is requested by the competent agency for legal purposes as specified in the applicable laws and regulations.

  12. Lost or Stolen Information
  13. If the telephone number, username, or user password is lost, stolen or used without permission, the user must immediately contact through Customer Service at + 6282-299-460-343 and / or send an email to support @ In this case, will assume that the User has canceled the telephone number, username, and password that the User uses on the system and subsequently will update's data.

  14. Aksice, correction and removal of

    1. Access Upon written request to through the contact information contained in Section 10, will provide information to the User regarding the purpose of processing; who receives information and where the information comes from. will provide the information above as soon as possible.
    2. Correction and deletion If the User discovers that as the data controller processes wrong or misleading data, will correct it based on the User's request. recommends that users - if possible - correct these errors themselves. Users can at any time correct or delete any content and information on the Site, where the User acts as a data controller, see Section 4.2. If personal data changes, or if the User no longer wants the data to appear on the Site, the User can update or delete information by logging in to the User's user profile. When the User profile has been deleted, all data related to the User's profile will be deleted.
  15. How to limit the use of User information

  16. Users of are given the opportunity to "log out", so that their information is not used for purposes that are not directly related to the placement, processing, fulfillment or pickup and sale of a product when asks for information. If the User "logs out" (exits) and does not want to send material that thinks the User will be interested, such as product information, product samples, and messages / promotions from and the sites and companies that has , Users can tell in one of the two ways below:

    1. Send a letter to to the address: PT Imkahfa Sukses Mandiri. Pondok Ungu Permai, sector V block N13 no.36 Rt.07 / Rw.25 Ex. Happy District Babylon District. Bekasi 176
    2. Send an email to:
  17. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    1. may make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time with securities in the future. will notify in advance of these changes. will provide information to Site users regarding these changes when a user enters the Site. If the User wants it, will provide information about substantial changes to this Privacy Policy via e-mail Users registered in data.
    2. Users agree that by continuing to use the Site or Application after the modified version of the Privacy Policy is a form of User consent to the modified privacy Policy.
  18. Disclosures Required by Law

  19. may disclose Personal Information when required by law or when such action is needed in order to comply with a law order or to fulfill a court summons or legal process aimed at or an employee or principal. Furthermore, has the right to disclose such information when believes that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against parties that may violate the Terms and Conditions of or that might result in loss or disruption of rights or property owned by, a registered customer or prospective customer of or another party that may be harmed by such action.

  20. Questions about the Site and Privacy Policy
  21. If there are questions about's Privacy Policy, processing data, improving data or User relationships with in general, please contact via email